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It all began when we bought our first juicer. Making homemade juices was an instant hit. We tried different recipes mixing things up discovering new tastes. Homemade juice beats the one you bring home from the store every time when it comes to taste and freshness. There is just something special about homemade juices. The only condition is that you use quality ingredients. The best fruits make the best juice.

But there is more to making juices at home than just taste. There are also various health benefits. You see – juices that you buy in a store are more or less processed juices. They have been at least pasteurised if not mixed with additives and fruit extracts, conservatives and taste boosters. This process destroys many of the beneficial nutrients and vitamins in juices. The best juice is the one that was just made using only fruits and/or vegetables, poured into a glass and drunk right away.

We started discovering what each juice and each fruit and vegetable can do for you… what are the health benefits of it. And as we learned more and more about juices we wanted to share our passion through this website and encourage people to make juices at home.

Browsing through this website you will find numerous recipes that will teach you how to make juices at home and numerous explanations of health benefits of each fruit, vegetable and juice.

Hope you enjoy it!

PS: one more thing though, we are not doctors, we are just enthusiasts. If you are having health problems make sure you consult your own medical doctor and don’t rely just on things you read on the internet. If not for anything else – each person is different and can react differently to certain food, drinks, substances.


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