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The Subtle and Ethereal Pear Juice


A pear is an edible pomaceous fruit with similar taste and looks to an apple. It is its cousin, except for its shape. Its shape resembles that of a raindrop with a narrow upper part which enlarges at the bottom. Pears come in many colors ranging from green, yellow, to orange and have a sweet granulated taste. This fruit is as large as an apple or orange, it is hard, and astringent. It emits a pleasant and subtle aroma.

Pear is one of those fruits which blooms during a specific time of the year in cold climates. During its full bloom, the pear tree looks enchanting with almost all of its green leaves shed off replaced by beautiful magical white pear blossoms sprinkled like snow. Pears are seasonal fruit and autumn is their time of the year, just the same as apples.  China is the number one country with the biggest pear cultivation and export; Italy, United States, Spain, and Argentina only follow China’s lead respectively.

This fruit can be consumed fresh from the tree, canned, juiced, or dried. The preserved or canned pears are also made into jams and jellies; there is also what they call perry or pear cider. Its wood is also a high-quality material used to make furniture and wooden instruments.

the beautiful, magical pear tree blossoms

Pear Juice

A glass of a healthy pear juice, like most of other fruit juices, is always recommended over carbonated drinks such as soda which definitely do nothing good for your body and might even slap you with diabetes.

If you are looking for a pleasant juice that has a subtle yet pleasurable flavor, well pear juice is the right one for you.

Pear juice does not just outwit carbonated drinks because of its amazing flavor, but also because of its health benefits. While carbonated drinks take you for a ride to developing diabetes, and obesity, pear juice can push you towards healthy lifestyle and longevity. How?


Pear Juice Health Benefits

The seasonal pear is one of people’s favorites during autumn because of its ethereal aroma and wonderfully pleasant and mild flavor. Pears are rich in fibers – pectin, a soluble fiber is one of them. Pectin can help lower cholesterol levels and cleanse your body. This fiber protects us from toxins and lowers the risk of breast cancer. Eating pears daily fulfills your fiber requirement for the day and put you on your way towards a slim, sexy figure!

Rich in Riboflavin

Riboflavin is great for the skin; it treats acne and other skin problems. But skin problems are just the beginning of the diseases it can cure.

It can also prevent cervical cancer and migraine headaches,  it is also used for treating canker sores, carpal tunnel syndrome, burning feet syndrome, muscle cramps, as well as congenital methemoglobinemia and red blood cell aplasia. Riboflavin could also boost our immunity, makes our hair shinier and healthier, and is a potent anti-aging agent.

Contains Boron

Boron is needed so our bodies can retain calcium and this way prevents osteoporosis.


Yes, pears are also rich in antioxidants. They contain quercetin, a form of antioxidant which can be found in pears skin. It is an anti-cancer and anti-carcinogen. It is also proven to be a very effective substance in treating and preventing Alzheimer’s disease. So eat your pears with the skin on.  The riboflavin or vitamin B2 in pears, as discussed earlier, are also a form of antioxidant as well as vitamin C, which is pretty sufficient in pears.

Good for Pregnant Women

The reason why pears are good for expecting moms diet is because of their high folate content and their calcium content. Their potassium levels are also high and good for the baby. The calcium helps develop healthier bones for the baby and strengthens mother’s bones as well.

A Hypo-Allergenic Fruit

This is good news for people with a lot of food sensitivities. You guys can add pears in your diet without getting allergies.

Prevents ARMD

A most of the fruits pears also help with Age-Related Macular Degeneration which deteriorates the sight of adults, especially senior citizens.

Prevents Lung Cancer

The antioxidants in pears and in general fight off cancer cells. Preventing lung cancer is mainly associated with hydroxycinnamic acid found in this fruit.

An Energy-Booster

Because pears contain good carbohydrates, they also act as an energy booster and will get you through the day and fill you with energy.

Pear Nutritional Value

(Per one fresh pear)

100 Calories

Protein:  0.65 g

Fat:  0.66

Carbohydrates:  25 g

     Pectin:  1.8 g

     Total Dietary Fiber:  4.5 g

     Crude Fiber:  2.32 g

Vitamin:  A 33 IU

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin):  0.03 mg

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin):  0.07 mg

Niacin: 0.17 mg

Pantothenic Acid: 12 mg

Folate:  12.1 mcg

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C):  7 mg

Vitamin E:   0.83 mg

Calcium:  19 mg

Phosphorus: 18 mg

Copper:   0.19 mg

Iron:  0.41 mg

Magnesium:  9 mg

Potassium:  208 mg

Pear Juice Recipe


Depending on their size and juicines, 1-3 pears will be enough for a good glass of pear juice.


  1. Wash the pears and remove the stalks.
  2. Cut them into juicer friendly pieces so they fit.
  3. Juice them.
  4. Since pear juice is usually pretty thick (also depending on your juicer) you can add some water.
  5. Enjoy!

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    Found this article very interesting. Just started on a diet for high cholesteral. This will come in handy.

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