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Welcome to Juice Health Benefits & Recipes!

You probably hear it all the time – eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less meat, carbs, sugar and junk food. And there is a reason for that. There are so many good and beneficial things that come out of  fruits and vegetables, so many nutrients hidden in them, that they really are natures little health bombs. One of the most convenient and effective ways to harvest all the good things from the fruits and vegetables is by turning them into juices and drinking them. Why? Because all the vitamins and nutrients are preserved when we juice them raw, nothing is destroyed by heat and cooking. Drinking juice is also much quicker and more convenient in today’s fast moving world.  This site is dedicated to the wonderful and tasty world of juices. It explains all the fruits that can be turned into juices and health benefits of every single juice known to us. Just get a juicer, choose a fruit of your choice and start juicing.

Each fruit above is explained into details – what kind of fruit is it and how does it look, where does it come from, where does it grow, when is it ripe, why is it special and more. Then you have an explanation of all the major benefits that each of these fruits and/or juices can have on your body and your health. Most of the time there is also a list of all the nutrients inside the fruit – fruit nutrition facts. And finally there are recipes for making tasty juices. From recipes for clean – one fruit juices to recipes for mixed fruit and vegetable juices. And there is more – there are and will be many more articles added about the benefits of certain fruits, about new discoveries, new recipes that will teach you how to make juices at home, reviews of juicers, tips on juicing, storing juices… we could go on and on.

The more we learn about juices the more we want to encourage people to make juices at home. This is the only warning here – if you want to get the best out of fruits and vegetables in a form of juices then you have to make them yourself. The store bought ones have been processed, concentrated, extracted, dried and mixed again with water. artificial colors, artificial flavors and taste enhancers were added as well as different other additives and conservatives were added. Even the best 100% pure store bought juice can not be compared to a freshly homemade one. But juicing is not difficult so don’t worry. It’s easy and anyone can do it.



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