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Instead of having coffee or a chocolate drink, why not have a boost of various nutrients in just a few gulps by having a glass of pear juice? Delicious and nutritious, pear juice is definitely one of the best healthy drinks that you can have. If having a glass is not part of your diet, here are some of the health benefits of pear juice which might help to convince you.

Pear Health BenefitsPears Contain Lots Of Vitamins And Minerals

If you eat a pear, or about 100 grams of the fruit, there are a lot of vitamins and minerals that you can get which include Vitamin A, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, calcium, Vitamin C, iron, phosphorus, fat, potassium, protein and carbohydrates. Pears are known as good sources of Vitamin C and dietary fiber, especially the skin which most people tend to discard. Adding a pear to your diet is surely a great way of taking in the said nutrients and for those who are watching their weight, having a pear daily will surely help you.

Boosting Your Immune System

If you don’t want to be constantly missing school or work because you often get the flu, you should start thinking about drinking healthy juices such as pear juice to boost your immune system. As pear juice is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants, it will help in building up your immune system. Regular intake of pear juice can help you avoid common diseases such as cough and colds, the flu and other similar disorders.

Good Source Of Energy

Furthermore, you can always be energetic when you drink pear juice since this is a quick and good source of energy. Pears are rich in fructose and glucose, two monosacharides that can easily be converted to energy. With the added carbohydrates, you will surely be grateful when you drink this after feeling tired and sleepy.

Pear Juice Helps Prevent Cancer

There are several health benefits of pear juices which includes having the necessary nutrients needed by the body. The Vitamin C and copper content of pear juice is essential in protecting your body from cancers and other diseases. As you may already know, when free radicals attach to the cells, these particular cells will be damaged which will often lead to cancer or other similar disorders. Cancers are difficult to treat especially during the late stages. The best treatment for cancer is actually prevention which you can do by drinking a glass of pear juice regularly. The antioxidants of pear juice protect your cells from the damaging free radicals, helping you avoid cancer. As studies have already proven, having a pear daily can reduce your chances of getting lung cancer and for women, it will help you avoid breast cancer after menopause.

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