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While drinking carrot juice in moderation has significant health benefits, drinking too much can have side effects. Carrot juice is high in beta carotene, which converts to Vitamin A in the body. Consuming a lot of carrot juice can affect the color of the skin. Carrot juice is also high in sugar and calories, so people with diabetes should be mindful of this.

Carotenemia Is One Of The Carrot Juice Side Effects

A change in the color of the skin is one of the carrot juice side effects. Due to the high level of beta-carotene in carrot juice, drinking more than three glasses per day can result in an orange hue to the skin. The orange coloring is most likely to be seen on hands, feet and around the mouth. This condition is called carotenemia and is not dangerous. It disappears without treatment as soon as consumption is lowered or stopped.

Carrot juice side effects - too much beta-carotene

High glucose content

Carrots are naturally sweet (lots of sugar). This sweetness is the reason many people use carrots for their juice, but too much glucose can be dangerous to diabetics. Another of the carrot juice side effects applies to people with diabetes. Small amounts of carrot juice are okay and can even be good for a person with diabetes. The glycemic index of an eight ounce glass of carrot juice is about 45, with about 22 grams of carbohydrates.

High sodium content

Carrots are also quite rich with sodium. Too much sodium in your diet can lead to all sorts of problems. The main one is that lots of sodium (salt) can lead to Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure. Hypertension is then a cause of all sorts of heart and health related problems. But you would probably turn yellow from carotenemia and stop drinking carrot juice before this sodium carrot juice side effect would start to show. As with all the natural juice side effects juices are safe and very beneficial to our bodies as long as we don’t exaggerate when drinking them.

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