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Most of us love apple juice and can take plenty of it, but is there such a thing as too much apple juice? Apples are juiced for their nutritional value and also because they are such a relaxing calming drink, but what would happen if someone took too much apple juice?

It different from person to person; some people will react to some of the components found in apples. In fact, some people get reactions from eating certain kinds of apples or drinking their juice.

Drinking Large Quantities Of Apples Juice – Apple Juice Diets Side Effects

The most common reaction is usually diarrhoea, especially if you drink large quantities of apple juice at once. There are other reported side effects although these happen if someone is on too much apple juice. There are some diets that recommend that you take nothing but apple juice and these side effects will be experienced by the people on these kinds of diets.

These will include a sudden surge of pimples – unsightly zits that will stay with you until you get off the apple juice diet. These people will usually complain that they are tired, dizzy, that they have headaches, they may complain of constipation and usually, they eventually develop hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. This may lead to fainting, heart arrhythmias, hunger, sometimes vomiting and of course weight loss.

Some people who take nothing but apple juice will also eventually develop a kind of body odour that’s unpleasant as well as bad breath.

It’s hard to say if these side effects are brought on by the apple juice itself or from the body lacking a more balanced diet. If you want to go on a diet like this (some people say that its good for cleansing the blood), make sure that you don’t do it for more than a day or two; you cannot sustain your body well enough with just apple juice no matter how much of it you take every day.

Apple juice side effects

Apple Juice Recommended Dosage?

Is there a recommended dosage? Not one that’s written in stone, but you can take a glass of apple juice with each meal every day without suffering any negative effects. Make sure that you juice only sweet apples too as tart ones can lead to heart burns and an acidic feeling in the stomach.

Sometimes, when you first get to juicing apples, it can get really exciting and you might be tempted to drink lots of it at once; this will more than likely lead to a bout of diarrhoea. Take a glass or two and keep the rest chilled for later.

There is really nothing else that you should be worried about when it comes to apple juice. If you drink apple juice and start to feel nauseous or get diarrhoea, the best cure for this is water – drink as much of it as you can to flush out anything in the apple juice that you may be reacting to. If you really want to use it as a detox, do it under the supervision of a nutritionist – they will tell you how you can keep your body well balanced during the detox period.

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2 Responses to Apple Juice Side Effects: Is there such a thing as too much apple juice?

  1. krystal says:

    Speaking from experience you can also feel the worst symptoms if you drink a lot of apple juice at once on an empty stomach.

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