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Apple Juice

There is rarely a drink more refreshing that a glassful of chilled, fresh apple juice, and if you want to avoid everything that comes with bottled apple juices (chemicals and additives), its easy to make your own juice if you know the right kind of apples and when they are ripe enough to give you a sweet juice.

What Are The Best Kind Of Apples To Make Apple Juice?

Let’s start with the best kind of apples to make apple juice. The first consideration here is just how much juice you can get out of each apple. There are varieties that are not that juicy – you need to use more than 3 or 4 to get a glassful of juice. The amount of juice that you get out of an apple, in fact any fruit, is determined largely by the kind of juicer that you use. There are some juicers in the market that don’t squeeze the pulp dry, and this means that a lot of your juice goes into the bin with the pulp. Make sure to buy a juicer that’s known for leaving behind pulp that’s as dry s possible.

There are some apple varieties that come recommended for a glass of juice that will have no tartness in it at all. Top is Mackintosh apples. Red Delicious are also very a sweet variety and you are guaranteed to a great juice out of them. Gala, Fuji and Rome are also great for making a sweet apple juice, as well as Honey Crisp and Pink Lady. The secret here is to get hold of as many of these sweet varieties as you can and then blend them together. If you get one any of the four that are mentioned here, you will not need to add any sugar to your apple juice at all. The Fuji and Gala variety are especially great for juicing because they have a great flavor.

Best Apples for Juicing

How Do You Know If Apples Are Ripe Enough For Making Juice?

Color is not the best way to tell if an apple is ripe since apple come in so many different colors depending on the variety. They should be firm and crisp – that’s if you’re buying them at the store and there is really nothing else you can go by. If you plant your own apples, you’ll know when they start to drop from the tree themselves. Don’t wait for many to drop – a bruised apple will rot very quickly. Apples on trees ripen from the inside out and so that means that you will pick from the outwards in as well.

If you are lucky enough to be able to buy apples directly from a farm, the farmer should tell you his ripest lot as those will give you the best apples for juicing. He will usually know by counting the number of days since they started to flower and since he knows the varieties that he is growing, he knows exactly how long it takes for each to be ripe enough to make a good juice.

Some Health Benefits Of Apple Juice

Why exactly would you be chasing after a great glass of chilled apple juice? It’s not just for the great taste, but apples, whether raw, juiced or cooked have numerous health benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them here so that the next time you gulp down that glass of pure delight, you’ll know just what its doing for your body.

1. They have massive amounts of vitamin C, a crucial vitamin for keeping the body healthy and fighting off disease.

2. Apples are full of fiber especially when eaten raw. They will stop you from constipating.

3. They have proved to be of benefit for people suffering with Alzheimer’s.

4. They are a great source of iron, one of the major components of human blood.

5. They are great for weight loss. They are filling and if you eat one each time you feel hungry, you’ll be inclined to eat less.

6. They are also great for asthma and other respiratory related conditions. In fact, apple cider vinegar is a great cure for sinuses.

There are many other benefits of apples and apple juice, and you will find these are just a few of them. Make sure that apples are a part of your daily diet, whether in juice form, raw or cooked.

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