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Though there are numerous benefits to drinking cranberry juice, overconsumption of the beverage can lead to some unpleasant cranberry juice side effects. In addition, there are certain drug interactions with the juice of which its drinkers need to be aware. Read on to learn about what to be wary of when drinking cranberry juice.

Stomach Problems

For people that drink a lot of cranberry juice, stomach problems may develop. These include diarrhea, loose stool, and an upset stomach. These are the most common cranberry juice side effects.

Diabetes Complications

Many cranberry juices can have a very high sugar content, and this can cause complications for people who suffer from diabetes. Luckily, many manufacturers offer sugar-free version of their cranberry juices, so people with diabetes can look for those.

Cranberry juice side effects

Kidney Stones

There are chemicals in cranberry juice called oxalates. A high concentration of oxalates in the body has been associated with an increased risk of forming kidney stones. As anyone who has had one will say, kidney stones are one of the most painful things in the world. Anyone that has a history of kidney stones should check with a doctor before beginning to drink large amounts of cranberry juice.

Cranberry Juice Side Effects And Drug Interactions

People that are taking any kind of blood thinner need to be careful when drinking cranberry juice. The mixing of cranberry juice and a blood-thinning medication can lead to excessive bleeding if the person becomes injured. It may be severe enough that the bleeding will not stop without taking a medication to reverse the symptoms, so anyone on a blood thinner should be sure to consult with their doctor before mixing the two. In addition, drinking cranberry juice will sometimes negatively interact with many medications for liver disease, so patients on medications that affect the liver should consult a doctor before mixing them with cranberry juice.

Allergic Reactions

Those that are allergic to a species of berries called Vaccinum should not drink cranberry juice, because the cranberry is a member of the species. Also, anyone with an allergy to aspirin should avoid consuming cranberry juice, because it is likely they will experience a reaction to cranberry juice as well. Anyone that experiences shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing or a constricted throat immediately after drinking cranberry juice should head immediately for the emergency room, because it is most likely an allergic reaction to the cranberry.

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