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A lot of people like cucumbers for their fresh crispy taste that is light, never overpowering, yet delightful and satisfying. The juice of the cucumber leverages that same light taste for a refreshing beverage. Most people think cucumbers are merely 95% water — and they are — but what’s astonishing about it are the enormous health benefits of cucumber juice delivered by this “watery” vegetable product.  (Note: technically, cucumbers are classified as a fruit, although for legal and tax reasons, government regulations consider cucumbers a vegetable).

Whatever you want to call a cucumber, the science is undeniable that drinking cucumber juice is not only healthy, but the payback it supplies to the human body is far reaching. Let’s check off some of the main known health benefits of cucumber juice:


Cucumbers Juice Regulates Ph Of Your Blood

Human blood Ph must be maintained within a narrow range to be considered healthy. The optimum Ph level of blood is between 7.35 and 7.45. This makes our blood just slightly alkaline. If the blood goes below 7.35 is becomes to acidic, which can lead to problems. Cucumbers juice contains minerals that increase alkalinity or reduce acid levels in the blood, and therefore the body. So cucumber juice is an excellent blood balancer, especially for people with acid-related problems. Cucumber juice also helps regulate normal blood pressure.

Connective Tissues

The bones in our body are connected to muscle by something called connective tissues. People with arthritis, for example, are suffering from a deterioration of their connective tissue. Cucumber juice is a natural source of silica, which is an integral element in building and maintaining healthy connective tissue.

Cool Off, Ever From A Fever

Everybody knows that drinking something cool when you’re hot is a way to cool off. Chilled cucumber juice is good for this, but not only because the temperature of the drink is cool. Enzymes found in cucumber juice help balance the electrolytes in the body, which help regulate a natural temperature for the body in hot weather. Note that this also makes cucumber juice an excellent choice for treating a fever.

Elimination and Cleansing

Health benefits of cucumber juice are also the result of its mild, natural diuretic effect – that is, it will make you need to go the bathroom slightly more often, as does coffee and other caffeinated drinks. But cucumber juice is not as powerful a diuretic as coffee and colas, and not harshly acidic like those drinks. It’s a gentle diuretic, which makes you go more, and helps you eliminate toxic substances from your body.

Health benefits of cucumbers
Hair Growth

Are you ready for this one? Cucumber juice to help grow hair? Well, if you are already bald or balding, drinking cucumber juice will not bring back the flowing locks of your youth. However, the specific mineral content of cucumber juice promotes healthy hair growth, and can help you keep what you have, while also making your hair look more healthy, thick and lustrous.

Healthy Skin

People with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, or just dry flakey skin can see a tremendous benefit from cucumber juice because it is high in Vitamin C, but also a range of other antioxidants that our skins needs to retain healthy cell growth and a normal balance. Note that diseases such as arthritis are often linked to psoriasis, and that we have already seen that cucumber juice helps maintain healthy connective tissue.

Sun Burns

Speaking of skin, applying cucumber juice to a sun burn is a fantastic cooler to inflamed skin, and will have a healing effect on sun burned skin.

Health Benefits Of Cucumber Juice Come From A Long List Of Nutrients

How does cucumber juice get all of the above done? When you look at the list of nutrients in cucumber juice, it becomes obvious that it’s jam-packed with healthy stuff, including: Vitamin C and A, folate, manganese, molybdenum, potassium, silica and sulfur. It also has smaller amounts of Vitamin B, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and clorine. Try getting that in a diet soda!

The power of cucumber juice can be magnified if you mix it with other vegetable juices, especially carrot juice and celery juice. This also helps you find a flavor of beverage that more suits your individual taste.

Finally, strive to buy cucumbers and cucumber juice that is certified organic, and grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides. That means growing your own (which is easy and fun to do), or buying from farmer’s markets or other trusted organic producers. Making your own juice is also a snap if you own a juicer, or even a blender in is the best way the get the most health benefits of cucumber juice.

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