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Grapefruit is such a powerful natural nutrient that it can actually act as a drug in the body. Both juice and the fruit itself can significantly slow down the body’s ability to metabolize many drugs. Drugs that usually conflict with grapefruit require metabolizing by the same enzyme in the body, called CYP3A4.

Prescription Drugs

There is a long list of prescription drugs that interact with grapefruit. Researchers are constantly finding more drugs to add to the grapefruit juice side effects precaution list. The most notable grapefruit juice side effects are with statins, which are cholesterol lowering drugs. Other common drugs with potential serious side effects are antidepressants, antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungals, and cancer fighting drugs. Always ask your doctor how grapefruit interacts with your medication. They may suggest that you stop drinking grapefruit entirely or adjust the dosage of the drug to better suit how it interacts with grapefruit.


Pheromones are also managed by the CYP3A4 enzyme. Grapefruit juice can contribute to increased amounts of testosterone and estrogen in the body. One needs to take precaution when taking any kind of supplement or medication that increases hormones, such as birth control. Exceptionally higher levels of hormones can be linked with a number of cancers and blood clots.

grapefruit juice side effects

Food High in Fiber

Grapefruit juice can go down easy and quickly for a grapefruit aficionado. You may want to go easy though. Grapefruit is packed with fiber. Drinking large quantities can lead to feeling uncomfortably full and bloated. Be careful not to drink too much grapefruit with other high fiber foods such as rolled oats.

Grapefruit Juice Side Effects As A Result Of Acidity and Sugar

Grapefruit is higher in citric acid compared to other types of citrus. If too much is consumed in one sitting, it can play havoc on the stomach and gastroesophageal flap, which is responsible for heartburn and acid reflux. Someone prone to these symptoms should consume smaller portions of grapefruit at a time. The acidity may also cause tooth decay in some individuals. Grapefruit juice products can also have large amounts of added sugars depending on the product and brand. Always read the label to be aware of how much sugar and calories are in a serving.

Play it safe and monitor your own situation

Pharmacists and doctors tend not to be as attuned to what your diet may be outside of your prescribed drug regimen. It is your responsibility to bring it to their attention. As little as eight ounces can make an impact in drug toxicity. Be astute to any sensitivity that may occur.

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