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Can too much mangosteen juice, as good as it is, be a bad thing? What, exactly, are mangosteen juice side effects? Am I allowed to drink the mangosteen juice with my cholesterol medication? If you were wondering the same things, then let us cover some of the side effects that go along with drinking mangosteen juice.

Most Common Mangosteen Juice Side Effects

If you begin your regimen with more than the recommended one ounce dose, you could very well have a temporary bout of loose stool. This being said, if you should experience headache, itchy skin and skin rashes, and any joint pain that you have not experienced before, you may be having an allergic reaction to the mangosteen juice.

If constipation is a problem for you, you might think that drinking a bit more than the one ounce might be helpful, but believe it or not, the opposite is true. For people who have irritable bowel syndrome-related (IBS-related) constipation or have been diagnosed with diabetic gastroparesis, drinking more than the recommended one ounce actually worsens the constipation. Start with the one ounce, and if that doesn’t help your constipation, reduce your serving size just a bit.

mangosteen juice side effects

Who Must Check With Their Doctor Before Drinking Mangosteen Juice?

Certain people should check with their doctors regarding mangosteen juice side effects. For instance, people who are undergoing chemotherapy, people who have been diagnosed with polycythemia rubra vera, people who are taking blood thinners, and anyone taking medications for a heart condition.

Although there have been no reported incidence of mangosteen juice interacting negatively with other medications or even other food products, it is always wise to have the approval of your physician before trying something new.

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