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What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is present throughout the earth. It is concentrated in water, soil, plants and many foods. Fluoride can be introduced to our body both systemically through ingestion of water, foods and supplements containing it. It can also be introduced topically to the teeth using pastes and rinses.

Fluoride in Our Bodies

When fluoride is ingested it is absorbed into our bones. This causes them to become stronger and fracture less easily. Because teeth are bones, fluoride helps strengthen teeth and prevent decay. The constant addition of fluoride causes re-mineralization of our bones. This means that even if it has been lacking for many years, the addition of it can help repair teeth and bones.

Lack of fluoride can increase the likelihood of significant tooth decay. This in turn can cause low self esteem, problems in careers or school and can even contribute to speech problems. Children with tooth decay are often affected by other serious health problems. Having enough fluoride can help prevent pain and reduce health care costs.

Though rare, sometimes an individual can have too much fluoride. This is often caused by taking to high of a supplement dose or swallowing toothpaste. For someone who steadily is getting too much fluoride, it can lead to fluorosis. Fluorosis is a relatively harmless staining of the teeth. It causes white spots to appear on the surfaces. A continuous high level of fluoride has been linked to reduced bone strength, kidney problems, and an increase risk of DNA damage.

Studies have shown that the majority of people do not receive enough fluoride, especially in communities that do not fluorinate their water. Besides taking a supplement and using fluorinated toothpastes, you can also increase your fluoride intake by eating a variety of foods.

Health benefits of strawberry juice

Top Fruits For Fluoride Content

The amounts of Fluoride are given for 100g of each fruit.

1 Strawberry 4,40 mcg
2 Peach 4,00 mcg
3 Apple 3,30 mcg
4 Banana 2,20 mcg
5 Plum 2,00 mcg
6 Cherry (sweet) 2,00 mcg
7 Watermelon 1,50 mcg
8 Melon (Cantaloupe) 1,00 mcg
9 *

*Nutrition data for other fruits did not indicate fluoride content.

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9 Responses to Which Fruit Has The Most Fluoride?

  1. fluoride damaged baby says:

    What the????? Fluoride is NOT naturally occuring! It is a TOXIC POISON, industrial waste! There is NO fluoride in strawberries there may be florine but that is a different thing! And fluoride damages bones. It does not protect them.Get your facts straight.

  2. mojo says:

    Check here and here.

    Both organofluorine compounds and inorganic fluorine containing compounds are called fluorides.Fluorine-containing compounds range from potent toxins such as sarin to life-saving pharmaceuticals such as efavirenz, and from inert materials such as carbon tetrafluoride to the highly reactive sulfur tetrafluoride.


    Fluoride is found naturally in low concentration in drinking water and foods.

    • wouter says:

      found NATURALLY in drinking water????

      who is paying thes people to get ths published!
      dumbing down the people and finally rounding them all up

      • mojo says:

        OMG, who is paying you to write these comments:)?

        Please read first two sentences here that talk about water fluoridation and fluoride occurring naturally in water.

  3. Dgaf says:

    Fluoride is also a byproduct of aluminum production and is the active ingredient in rat poisoning.

  4. dante says:

    Fluoride is also a byproduct of enriching. Sons of @#$$! who put it into the food and water supply.

  5. tammy says:

    I literally want to live in a country where the SCUM WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE ARE BANNED FROM ENTERING and all the IDIOTS who listen to them are BANNED AS WELL. FLUORIDE (hint…it DUMBS YOU DOWN…literally lowers IQ by at least 7 points) IS WHY YOU WOULD LISTEN TO THIS EVIL SICKENING MISINFORMATION. FLUORIDE IS A TOXIC WASTE THAT CAUSES TOOTH and BONE PROBLEMS. I never got another cavity again the day I started removing as much fluoride out of our lives as possible and I believe we should ROUND UP AND PUT IN JAIL all those who continue to poison us with it.

  6. p says:

    Bull S**t!

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