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Consuming too much of anything can have negative effects on the body, even something like orange juice, which is always touted as being so good for you. So many people begin their day with a glass of orange juice, but drinking too much can produce a number of orange juice side effects.

Too Much Vitamin C

Most people who drink orange juice do it for the vitamin C, which in the right quantities is very beneficial. However, 100-200 milligrams of vitamin C each day is considered to be all that the body requires and amounts of 500 mg or higher can be harmful. Too much vitamin C can cause damage to the white blood cells, which protect the body against infection.

Levels of Blood Sugar

Many orange juice products available have sugar or other sweeteners in them. Plus, the carbohydrates in a small serving of orange juice can slowly elevate blood sugar levels. So people who drink large servings of orange juice or several servings throughout the day may see their blood sugar climb rapidly. This is especially risky for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

Energy Levels

Having energy levels that are inconsistent through the day is another orange juice side effect when too much is consumed. Drinking a large glass can make you feel full of energy soon after drinking it, but that energy can drop quickly as your blood sugar drops.

Weight Gain

Large glasses of orange juice that can so quickly elevate the blood sugar are big contributors to weight gain and even obesity. Since orange juice contains no fiber it is not very satisfying and causes the blood sugar to drop. This can result in craving carbohydrates and eating more.

orange juice side effects

Miscellaneous Orange Juice Side Effects

There are a number of minor side effects to drinking too much orange juice, which include:

· Indigestion
· Diarrhea
· Heartburn
· Ulcers in the mouth
· Upset stomach
· Increased stress level
· Bloating and gas
· Strong smelling urine

If you drink enough orange juice to consume over 6000 mg of vitamin C there can be some major orange juice side effects:

· Insomnia
· Back pain
· Vitamin B12 deficiency
· Cavities
· Copper Deficiency
· Jaundice

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