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Pineapple juice side effects are rare and usually occur when drinking large quantities, especially during a short period of time.

Effects Of Drinking Too Much Pineapple Juice

A digestive enzyme in pineapple juice, bromelain, may cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash and heavy menstruation.

Drinking large quantities of pineapple juice can lead to uterine contractions.

If the juice was taken from an unripe pineapple, severe vomiting may occur.

A component of pineapple juice, ethyl acrylate, can result in skin sensitivity.

Possible Interactions

Pineapple juice may interfere with the effects of tetracycline and amoxicillin because of the presence of bromelain in the juice.

Pineapple juice contains large amounts of fructose, a natural sugar, and should be avoided by people with diabetes and other blood sugar disorders.

Pineapple juice side effects

Diet and Exercise

Drinking pineapple juice before exercising may result in leg cramps because of the high glycemic content in processed juices.

Never base a diet entirely on pineapple juice. It is high in calories and lacks the vitamins, nutrients and fiber necessary for a healthy diet.

Pineapple juice side effects are usually mild and will disappear once a person has stopped drinking the juice. It is best to eat the fruit, but drinking small amounts of juice is usually not a problem for healthy people.

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