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Plum juice also known more commonly as prune juice is created by softening prunes by steaming and squeezing them with a pulping tool to create liquid purees. Plum juice has always been a popular natural juice enjoyed in some countries around the world but with the discovery of the many health benefits of plum juice, it has become an important nutrient source for many people worldwide who want a healthy substitute to artificial drinks or juices.

Prunes are now cultivated more for their juices than for the consumption of the fruits because of their numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Plum Juice

Constipation Treatment

One of the biggest health benefits of plum juice is its ability to treat constipation by helping in the transportation of liquids to the intestine because of sugars such as sucrose, fructose, and sorbitol thereby softening stool and aiding in bowel movement. Plum juice also contains dihydropheylisatin which is a natural laxative that helps in muscle contractions.

Health benefits if plum juice

Rich Source of Fiber

The nutrient in plums that further proves their positive effect is soluble fiber. According to the USRDA, 12.1% of soluble fiber helps in normalizing blood sugar and lowering the body’s intake of glucose or sugar. Some studies have also been conducted and have shown how soluble fiber can help in producing insulin which in turn decreases the chances of contracting diabetes.

Antioxidant Source

Among the important benefits of plum juice is its richness in antioxidants that help in warding off free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to the body and are one of the biggest causes of aging.

Two of the main antioxidants found in plum juice are phenols and beta-carotenes. Phenols block free radicals that are oxygen-based to prevent them from damaging the fats in the body. This helps keep the membranes of brain cells and skin cells healthy because these are composed mostly of fats. Beta-carotene on the other hand is a form of vitamin A that helps protect the body from the damages caused by free radicals such as aging and diseases including heart disease and cancer.

Acidity Control

There is a Chinese form of sour plum juice known as ‘suanmeitang’ that controls the buildup of lactic acid to help reduce acidity. Although its acidity benefits are not considered one of the popular health benefits of plum juice, the suanmeitang is very popular in oriental countries and is even being introduced in Western countries as well.

Heart Rhythm

The high levels of potassium in plum juice make it beneficial for people suffering from high blood pressure or those who are likely to suffer from stroke. In addition, the high potassium levels of plum juice helps in regulating normal heart rhythm. This is one of the main benefits for heart disease sufferers.

Regulated Blood Sugar Levels

Unlike other sources of sugar, plum juice has a higher level of natural sweetening agents such as sorbitol and fructose compared to sucrose making it a good substitute for sweet juices that cause huge spikes in blood sugar levels. The high amount of soluble fiber also helps in stabilizing blood sugar and improves cholesterol levels.  Furthermore, the sweet nature of plum juice makes it advisable as a drink for people who worry about high blood sugar levels because it can keep sugar cravings low throughout the day. The regulation of blood sugar is not among the biggest health benefits of plum juice because natural juice always has more sugar than fruit. It is more advisable to eat prunes instead. However, compared to other natural juices, plum juice has among the least sugar count.

Weight Loss

Plum juice also aids people wanting to lose weight. Plum juice is advisable for these people because intake of this juice can help satisfy appetite faster and curb overeating. This helps dieters from consuming more unhealthy food that may cause disastrous effects on their diet. However, like all other things, plum juice should be taken in moderation because it also contains calories that may boost weight when taken excessively.

Prevention of Chronic Diseases

The abundance of phenols is one of the main health benefits of plum juice because this antioxidant can help prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and heart diseases. Chronic diseases caused by LDL oxidation is curbed because of the production of 2 main types of phenolic compounds in plum juice – chlorogenic and neochlorogenic acids.

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