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There are health benefits when you drink the juice but there are also some tangerine juice side effects you should know about when you consume too much of this juice.

Health Problems that Can Occur

If you have an allergy to tangerines, it may cause a skin rash because of the oil in the fruit. It can also cause problems with bowel movements if you drink too much. This can lead to issues with a person’s gastrointestinal system and also cause intestinal problems.

Warnings for Excessive Consumption

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, drinking too much tangerine juice may cause a stimulation of cytochrome P450 which is needed to absorb medications or agents given to patients. It is advised for a pregnant woman or breastfeeding woman stay away from tangerine juice.

tangerine juice side effects

Prescription Drug and Supplement Reactions

The effects of drinking too much juice include additive effects when using antibiotics and it can possibly decrease cholesterol levels excessively. Another one of many tangerine juice side effects includes the inability to absorb prescription drugs into the blood. This means the effect of the drug to benefit the user is decreased.

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