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Several possible side effects are notorious for accompanying excessive amounts of tomato juice. The main side effect of consuming tomato juice too often is a spike in sodium levels. Ingesting tomato juice too often can drastically increase your body’s sodium intake. While sodium is an essential mineral that promotes a healthy heart and assists in proper function of your muscles, abundant amounts can be dangerous. Health experts warn that a high-sodium diet can contribute to heart and blood pressure issues. Some of the most severe, lasting side effects of a long-term, high-sodium diet is the possibility of critical health conditions.

Tomato Juice Side Effects: Too Much Sodium

Professionals state that the kidneys are responsible for processing sodium. Therefore, too much sodium prevents proper kidney function and can lead to hypertension. Nutritionists stress that at some point further down the line, hypertension can result in numerous medical concerns such as stroke, kidney disease and more. Too much sodium can easily contribute to things like hypertension which can result in immense health issues. Clearly, tomato juice side effects can lead to detrimental aftermath.

Copious amounts of tomato juice can also lead to major discomfort such as heartburn, bloating from the high amounts of sodium and has the potential for intestinal and digestive complications.


Tomato Juice Is Acidic

Side effects of drinking too much tomato juice

It’s common knowledge that tomato juice is quite acidic and therefore, can cause damage to vital, internal organs like your esophagus. It’s obvious that too much tomato juice can lead to some health issues and discomfort.

Skin Coloring

Other tomato juice side effects include external effects such as skin coloring. Health professionals explain that tomatoes and tomato products are rich in a compound known as lycopene, which gives tomatoes their color.

According to Yahoo!, there was a study conducted on a “middle-aged woman” who drank tremendous amounts of tomato juice for an extended period of time and consequently, achieved a yellow-orange skin color as a result of high intakes of lycopene (study). However, after a few weeks of a lycopene free diet, her skin was shown to go back to its normal color. Lycopene can have adverse results if one is unknowingly allergic to it. As with most cases of allergic reactions to products, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and other side effects can occur.

All of the tomato juice side effects mentioned above can be quite uncomfortable and stressful to deal with. Allergic reactions to certain ingredients found in tomato juice can be adverse. The long-term, future side effects due to mass consumption of tomato juice can be rather severe and life-changing. However, all of these side effects can be avoided if one is aware of their food and beverage allergies, keeps track of their sodium levels and follows the general guideline of consuming everything in moderation since for this side effects to appear you would have to drink quite large quantities of tomato juice on regular basis.

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  1. Nolan Dowie says:

    Quite educational. Would like to know more about the nutritional values of certain fruits. Keep up the good work.

  2. Nolan Dowie says:

    If you say drink tomato juice in moderation – how much is moderation.

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